Personal: Walk the Talk


I am often not willing to actively support feminism on the internet because of the onslaught of radicals who live in 1st world countries, ranting about how everything is “oppressing” them and will continue to victimise themselves without taking action. However, I do support feminism (or any other movement) as long as they seek something good and actually gets off their bum to work hard for their cause.

Today I followed my mother to an event held by Soroptimist International called “Walk the Talk”. It was a short walk from Taman Jaya to Universiti Malaya, escorted by vintage cars and even a marching band! The purpose of this event was to show that men were on board on the fight against violence against women; to create awareness of violence against women.

It was a great experience to do something positive. Although domestic violence does occur to men, it occurs more frequently to women in lesser developed countries like Malaysia (although the opposite is true in more economically developed countries). Therefore, I believe that education is extremely important in our country as courts are still skewed towards men, protecting them despite their sins. Our justice system needs to be impartial, we need to be brave, we need to be strong. If things happen, we need to speak out.

It is a local mentality to hide away when things are bad; all to not upset the social norm. However, we need to stand stall and stand strong to fight against the injustices, the atrocities, the crimes committed, the people hurt, the weak oppressed.

If you notice bad things happening to you or the people around you, stay strong, work hard, speak out. If you need help, go look for it. Do not just complain about it, do not just post a facebook status or a hashtag, fight for what is right. Peace.


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