Movie Review: Noah

Ah.. a bible movie.. sounds like a plan

I just watched Noah, a recent film that stars Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins and Hermione Granger, I mean Emma Watson. It is very hard to see Emma Watson out of her role as Hermione from the Harry Potter Series. 

The movie follows the plot of story from the Bible. Being a Buddhist, I never read the source material so I will only judge this movie based on its own merits.

This movie is boring. There is so much padding throughout this film, I think I could use some of that padding to shield the bomb that this movie was. 

However, this movie does have a redeeming factor, it is very beautiful. There was one sequence that I especially liked as it merged creationism and evolution together. Many people choose to believe in one and not the other but this film chooses to go the extra mile and merge both concepts into one sequence. I must applaud them for doing so. 

The film also shows how blind faith can distort your views. Crowe’s character nearly kills his granddaughters as he believed that God deemed it to be so. He was hellbent on making his family commit a cult-like suicide. This shows the audience how blind faith can lead to one’s downfall. Noah realises that his love was too strong to kill his own kin. What happened next was also interesting as he felt that he had failed everyone by saving his kin and became a drunk, only to be saved by Emma Watson’s character, his daughter-in-law. 

The acting in the movie was rather good, except for Russell Crowe as I have the constant notion that he doesn’t give a damn when he acts. However, it may actually work here as Russell Crowe does give the vibe to me that he has a lot of internal conflict. 

In conclusion, this movie was rather enjoyable but it was still boring due it just dragging on and on. 

Plot: 6/10

Characters: 7/10

General Enjoyability: 6.5/10




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