Music Review: Rude by MAGIC!

I know I am not someone who is good with music but I have the belief that you needn’t be a chef to know food is a piece of shit. So, if anyone wishes to hate me over my thoughts, please understand that my views about this song is critical and is my personal preference. I only need to write this as I know that many people who enjoy music get offended very easily when someone decides to talk badly about their idol.

Another thing I would like to stress on is that I will be focusing partly on the tune but mostly on the lyrics as songs are supposed to be used to convey a particular message to the audience. Hence, I feel that if a song has a really silly message that would only be detrimental to the mental health of the audience should they decide to actually take the advice of the song, I need to share my views. I would also draw some of my opinions from the music video. 

Without further ado, or another way of saying, “Let’s stop stalling”. Rude by MAGIC!

 Lets analyse the first stanza. “Put on my best suit” implies that the guy is wearing what he deems best. If you look at the music video, he clearly had no effort in his suit or he should probably go shopping. When I first saw “Cause I know that you’re an old fashioned man”, I was thinking to myself, “Wow! They finally have a song about gay relationships and  to a really catchy reggae beat too!”

However, my dreams of listen to a song about homosexuals were dashed when it continued as it is revealed that the song was pointed at the character’s love interest’s father. Then, he goes on to calling his lover’s father rude for not giving his blessing.

If a parent says no and won’t give you their blessing, it is clear that they either don’t know you very well or think that you are a prick not worthy of their child. Calling the guy rude for not allowing you to marry his daughter with his consent is not really his choice, he just wants the best for his daughter. Instead, you could maybe create a relationship with the father and create a bond that would earn you his respect and blessing. 

Then, the character says, “I’m gonna marry her anyways!” This is pretty idiotic. Why is he calling the father rude for not giving the blessing when he in actuality is the person who is more rude? The guy in the song is actively and fully aware that he is going against the father’s wishes and the father is the rude one? 

This provides a rather sad idea to children of the modern age. This song teaches students to disrespect their elders and when they do have a lover, to disregard the wishes of the parents of their loved one. 

However, even though the social message for this song is twisted. The song is unnaturally catchy with its reggae-esque beats. I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it before tearing into it and realising how bad the message was for kids. 




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